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Hi Everyone, I am so excited to present to you our new music production model. ‘Artist Studio Access’. Having done ‘Duke of Hazzard’ with John Schneider and Tom Wopat in the early 80’s, it is a real pleasure to re-unite with John to produce what we invented as a new music business model. (Since the piracy of music is so rampant, no one can make a living anymore selling music CD’s). This is a new trifecta form of music and entertainment we designed to take the fans right into the studio with us every week in an episodic TV show series. Every week we release a new song on John Schneider, famous American actor/singer. On Monday the YouTube video comes out, directing you to a Vimeo website where you can ‘buy the session’ to be with us in the studio as we make that recording. Then you will be redirected to CD Baby to purchase the song if you like it. So, please join us in the studio at ‘ARTISTSTUDIOACCESS’. Also see what else we are up to at
My best. Paul

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