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  1. Mr. Leim !
    I, your long time fan of Georgia. You do not be able to send me your autograph ?
    My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. 1400 Gori, Georgia.
    Kakhaber Saralidze.
    Kakhaber Saralidze .

    Posted on by Kakhaber
  2. Hello Paul,
    I am the Cuban drummer you met at South Beach that was playing the cajon with the weird pedal! I was just checking some of your work and you have done a lot for the great music out here! It was a pleasure meeting you and keep rocking like you do!!!

    Posted on by Joel Enriquez
  3. Hello, I just discovered you and wow great skill and sound. I have a question about the mutes you have on your drums that flop off then then back on. Home made? or ? Thanks and do you have any videos out there about how you tuning toms? Thanks,

    Posted on by Brian Baker
  4. Can’t miss this one! Will you send out a mass email when the dates are determined? Or is there a better way to get early, early notice?


    Posted on by Patchouli Riverrun
  5. Hi Paul,
    I just wanted to take a minute and compliment you on all your brilliant work. I first heard you on Phil Keaggy’s “Phillp Side” back in 1980 and have been enjoying your work ever since. I just began teaching at a Christian Performing Arts academy in Las Vegas as a drum instructor, and will be sharing examples of your music with my students. I hope you’ll be in Vegas soon. Let us know.
    God bless and thanks again

    Posted on by Eric Stretz
  6. Hi Paul have always been a big fan of yours. I am also a working drummer in NYC. I was watching the CMA Country Christmas show tonight and you sounded GREAT as always. Not only your playing but your drums sounded great on tv. I would like to wish you and your a very Merry Christmas. Hope to see you soon.

    All my best,
    Richie Vance

    Posted on by Richie Vance
  7. Hello paul. For 12 years I played in a band of country music here in Brazil, and alert of research in this area could meet their work and other great drummers of his region.
    I am a card-carrying fan of your work.
    A big hug and may God continue to bless your life.

    Marcco Carvalho

    Posted on by Marcco Carvalho
  8. Hello Paul !!!

    I really enjoyed your Edmonton AB Drum Clinic (Also Meeting You).

    I would like to know more about the Head Phones you were useing (Make/Model/Features)

    Could you send me You’re “Pre Flight Check List” Used for each new song you learn (Weapons/Tempo/Other)

    I would like to compare your list to the one I have created.


    Posted on by Rick Ulrich
  9. Hi Paul, it’s Derek Thomas. I messaged you on facebook. I know you are really busy and there is always lots to do. I stay very busy myself and even for me to take time to look into and especially assist others takes energy so I really do appreciate your time. I have some material and live videos at skylinedrive.me. if you get a moment. I also just finished a new album that I self recorded called
    “Topanga Ranch Motel” and the audio is there on the site. I would be glad to send you a physical or dropbox download ( need email for that). My new demos I feel are some strong material. I have always known I am going to be a songwriter for other artists/film.t.v. and have become a performing artist myself on the way. Thank so much for your time and please let me know what is convenient for you. best,

    Posted on by derek thomas

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