Nashville Demo Recording Session

Vic Firth takes you inside a Nashville demo recording session with Paul! In this video, you’ll see firsthand how a demo is recorded, from the artist’s first listen to the songwriter-produced demo to the final product.

Product Spotlight: Paul Leim Signature Stick by Vic Firth

Paul talks about the unique concepts in the design of his signature drum sticks.

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  1. Paul, Thanks so much for your generosity in putting up the session demo vid – you can be very certain that your influence extends as far south as Melbourne, Australia. A highly informative and very inspirational insight into a private world, and how it’s done at the very highest level. So kind of you to so this. Keep on inspiring us – awesome!!!!

    Posted on by Charlie Sheridan
  2. Hi!
    Great videos! I got to have this music! Who is the artist, what’s the name on the Song? Is it on Spotify?

    Posted on by Samuel Heideman
  3. Loved these “clinic” clips, Paul! I’m a huge fan of watching singers & musicians how they work out songs in a studio environment and this was FUN to watch and listen to!!

    Take Care/God Bless,

    Posted on by Tony Trout
  4. Glad to see your still kickin ass and takin names. Love your site and the media.


    Posted on by John Piascik
  5. Hi Paul: thanks for a look into the way its done in Nashville. Your playing and desire to share your gift with other is very inspiriational to me. Thanks again for this video.

    Posted on by Earl Bennett
  6. Great video Paul!

    Posted on by J.P. Morrison

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